These Rules for the creation of Fan Content govern the use of copyright and related rights owned by Cubic Games Studio Ltd (“CUBIC GAMES”) associated with the Pixel Gun 3D project (hereinafter referred to as the “Project”), including any objects provided by us (“CUBIC GAMES Materials”) with the purpose of creating Fan content.


Use of CUBIC GAMES Materials in the creation of Fan content by users (individuals) is allowed only for non-commercial purposes, and also in compliance with the requirements of these Rules and the Terms of Service.

Fan content is the material that is the result of the user’s processing / reinterpretation of CUBIC GAMES Materials. The created Fan content can be implemented in order to create non-commercial manuals and applications with manuals, fan meetings, fan sites and other uses, provided they comply with these Rules, Terms of Service and applicable law.

The origin of the Fan content.

When creating and (or) using Fan content, it is prohibited to mislead users, to create the impression that CUBIC GAMES sponsors, participates in the creation or in any other way supports your Fan-made content.

When using Fan content created from CUBIC GAMES Materials, use the following message (or provide for it in the Fan Content part), written in a legible for the users of the Fan Content: “This content is not affiliated with CUBIC GAMES, is not supported, is not sponsored or approved by it, and CUBIC GAMES is not responsible for it.”

Restrictions on use.

Any use of CUBIC GAMES Materials and / or Fan Content should be limited to its purposes: non-commercial information interaction between users; and environment: on the Internet, on any specialized resources, as well as mobile applications on the Google Play and App Store platforms.

Violations of the purposes of use include, but not limited to:

• any attempts to extract material benefits from the use of CUBIC GAMES Materials and / or Fan Content are prohibited;

• It is prohibited to create Fan content that is contrary to the applicable law, as well as aimed at inciting hatred or enmity, as well as to humiliate the dignity of a person or a group of persons based on sex, race, nationality, language, origin, attitude to religion, or a social group;

• It is forbidden to create new software products or content using CUBIC GAMES Materials, for example, the Project, based on the characters of the CUBIC GAMES Project. Even if they are free;

• It is prohibited to create content from CUBIC GAMES Materials that resembles the CUBIC GAMES logos, trademarks or other elements of CUBIC GAMES products and services. You can not change CUBIC GAMES Materials without our official permission.

Violations of the use environment include, but not limited to:

• It is forbidden to produce or distribute (free of charge or otherwise) any material objects, for example, souvenirs with images of Materials or other intellectual property objects of CUBIC GAMES, without a separate formal written agreement between you and CUBIC GAMES.

• It is prohibited to create and (or) publish any literary works, theatrical productions or other adaptations that include intellectual property objects of CUBIC GAMES, without the express written permission.

Ban on domain registration and similar actions.

It is forbidden to register domain names that include Project names, names and distinctive features of the Project’s characters, as well as containing in whole or in part CUBIC GAMES Materials, social network accounts or corresponding addresses for your Fan Content containing intellectual property objects and CUBIC GAMES commercial notations (such as CUBIC GAMES, PIXEL GUN 3D), without a separate written agreement with us.


Rules and agreements for developers.

For CUBIC GAMES, it is very important that you respect the rules of the platform or channel where you share your Fan-generated content. You must always follow the current rules and agreements for developers.

Use your Fan Content by us.

By accepting these Rules, you grant CUBIC GAMES a non-exclusive license to the territory of all countries of the world, by any means and during the period of validity of exclusive property rights, to the Fan content created by you, at no charge. From time to time, we can use your Fan Content, without compensation, for example, use it for promotional purposes.


These Terms are part of the CUBIC GAMES Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and we can change them at any time. The use of CUBIC GAMES Materials for the creation of Fan Content is governed by the CUBIC GAMES Terms of Service (including any provision for waiver of warranties and limitation of liability). In the event that the conditions of these Rules are in conflict with the Terms of Service, these Rules shall prevail over any issues related to the Fan Content.


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