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Let's turn up the heat this summer with a road trip back to the 2000s, a new reporting system, weapons designed by our most talented pixelgunners, and so much more! Ready to roll?

New Season

In the wake of the epic showdown, the situation was finally looking up. Portalius, the mad genius, was defeated, and the unpredictable Eddie Mesmer had pulled back – at least for now.

But one problem remained: Pixelman was still lost in the eerie depths of the Backrooms. Time was running out. The longer he stayed trapped, the slimmer the chances of rescue. With no room for error, Daisy and the Black Dragon harnessed Portalius' tech and the Multiverse shards to build a portable Portal Hub. This high-tech device could theoretically jump through time, space, and the unknown fabrics of the Multiverse itself.

But here's the twist: Portalius' reputation as a genius wasn't for nothing. Building a working device from his plans was a beast of a challenge. Daisy messed up the settings, and instead of landing in the Backrooms, she and the Black Dragon found themselves in the early 2000s – inside someone's computer!

The mission? Still the same: fix the Hub and get to the Backrooms. But first, Daisy and her companion had to break out of this retro digital world, where characters from old video games, movies, and anime ran the show. And not all of them were happy to see intruders!

Project Task

In April, we launched the "Your Weapon in the Game'' contest. Despite the name, pixelgunners could submit their creations in any form: weapons, avatars, gadgets, gliders, trails, and more. The grand prize was having their dream concept come true within the game.

In our new event, we imagined what a pixelgunner's workshop might look like. As part of the "Project Task," you'll need to gather parts to create the event's main rewards – guns, an avatar, and a glider. These are the items designed by our players in the contest.

You can collect parts in battles within the marked game modes on designated maps, as well as through purchases in the in-game store. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your Armory with these unique items!

New Reporting System

As part of our fight against cheaters, we've reworked the reporting system. Now you can report dishonest players with just a few clicks, without even quitting the match. Simply select the reason from a list during the kill cam window or from the player table before or after the match, and our support team will receive your report immediately. Each player can send up to 10 reports per day.

This means cheaters will be identified and banned more quickly, as they will be flagged for our anti-cheat system. And what is more, your reports will play a crucial role in improving and tailoring our anti-cheat measures. We’re working together to make our favorite shooter safe and fair for everyone.

This is just one of many upcoming tools of our anti-cheat system, and we will keep you informed about further steps and improvements, so keep an eye out for our social media to be the first ones to know.

PC Edition

PC Edition players, get ready for some crisp new Steam achievements!

For seasoned pixelgunners, hitting 100% completion will be a breeze, and nothing beats that ever-satisfying sound and a pop-up message when you unlock an achievement.

For newcomers, though, it's a different story. Those picking up the Pixel Gun for the first time and chasing achievements have a long and curvy road ahead.

Ultimately, this journey will help rookies have a hand in shooting, explore various game modes, and master the nuances of different weapon categories.

Updates & Reworks

Clan Refinements

We have some notable changes lined up for clan players in update 24.6 to improve this aspect of the game.

We’ve upgraded the Clan War registration process. Previously, only the clan leader and the officers had access to the Clan War registration. Now, this option is available to every member by default, although it can be disabled in the clan settings.

Secondly, we've reworked the search system, so finding a clan now should be as easy as it gets. To simplify things even more, you can automatically join a clan that meets your criteria with just a click.

Tournament Mode Tweaks

Tournament mode has also received some updates. Based on your feedback, we've adjusted the reward balance, expanded the number of prize spots on the leaderboard, and improved the interface. Soon, we plan to limit the roster of weapons available for the Tournament.

Event Center Enhancements

We've refined the animations, notifications, and icons within the Event Center to make it easier to access information about each game activity (Events, Sets, Lucky Board). No more double-tapping to get straight to the Event. The Lottery icon has come back in the Lobby, so you no longer need to enter the Event Center to get a weapon from a chest, though this option is still available.

Map Rotation

As usual, with the new update, we're shuffling the list of available arenas. In Team Fight, D-Day and Candyland will replace Mafia Cottage and Chinatown. In Deathmatch mode, Scarab Temple will give way to Slender Forest. Finally, Sawmill will stand in for Area 51 in Point Capture.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with gadget lock after using Denied.
  • Fixed a shooting animation bug with the BRO Rifle.
  • Fixed a bug with non-working invisibility when using Turtle Shell.
  • Fixed a bug preventing movement in Sneak & Seek mode when playing as a monster.
  • Fixed FPS drop when creating a new character.
  • Fixed FPS drop in kill cam.
  • Fixed a bug with non-functioning pet healing.
  • Fixed incorrect portal display.
  • Fixed incorrect shader display on some weapons.
  • Fixed a bug with infinite invisibility in the Free Play mode.
  • Fixed the duration of the Royal Guardian gadget.
  • Fixed a bug with lobby music.
  • Fixed a bug with the missing Exit button in the PC Edition.
  • Fixed transparency effect on some weapons.
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